Bravissima Kitchen Folding Food Storage Containers (3 pieces)

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If you have problems of space in your kitchen, don't hesitate in getting the innovative and practical Bravissima Kitchen folding food storage containers (3 pieces) as soon as possilbe! These food containers are perfect for keeping and storing food. In addition becasue they can be folded, they take up less space when being used or stored away.

  • Made of plastic and silicone

Capacities and diameter x height (unfolded/folded) approx.:

  • 1 food storage container with lid: 1200 ml - 19 x 9/4 cm
  • 1 food storage container with lid: 600 ml - 15 x 8/3 cm
  • 1 food storage container with lid: 300 ml - 12 x 6/2 cm
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